General guidelines on practical of the business valuation

In order to make an valuation of business activity, Business Evaluation obliged to use standards and guidelines in accordance with the regulations. In the event of a default or guidelines that are not regulated in this Regulation, Evaluation, the Business Standard Valuation obliged to follow the State concerned and / or other valuation standards that apply internationally. 

In terms of international standards used in preparing the report Valuation of Business, the quote referred to the standard required, or laden attached in the report Valuation of Business. 

In this assignment requires valuation for the Evaluation of Business refers to the results of property valuation, the Evaluation of Business refers to the mandatory valuation of the results published by the Property Evaluation. The results of the valuation that the property be used as reference in the report attached mandatory valuation of Business. 

Valuation Date of valuation for businesses with the mandatory cut-off date for the Property Valuation used as a reference. 

Financial reports to be used as the basis of the valuation report is the financial companies that have been audited by the Accountant published within six months before the date of the Business Valuation Report. 

Date with the same mandatory valuation on the financial report. 

In case there is a revision of the Rating Business Report or re-valuation of the Evaluation of Business mandatory republish Valuation Report of Business with the date and number of different reasons and with the explanation to the revision of the Rating Business Report or re-valuation. Facts and material changes to the compulsory disclosed in the report Valuation of Business have been revised it. 
The period for the Business Report Rating is the maximum six months from the date of valuation. 

In cases of replacement of the Valuer of Business, the applicable provisions of the following: 
o The Valuer of Business can only be done when the Valuer of Business: Valuation Report has been published or businesses have received the assignment to conduct the valuation, but not yet completed the valuation report of Business; resign or have been told that the assignment has been terminated. 
o Valuer of Business receive a replacement for assignment to make an valuation on the valuation of the same object with objects that are considered by the Valuer of Business. 
o Valuer of Business mandatory replacement first communicated, either written or oral, with the Valuer of Business before accepting the assignment. 
o Valuer of Business obliged to request replacement of a written agreement from the prospective client to request information from the Valuer of Business before accepting the assignment. 
o Valuer of Business obliged to request a replacement information to the Valuer of Business on the problems, according to Business confidence Valuer replacement will help in deciding the acceptance or rejection assignment. 
o Valuer of Business precursor required to provide answers with the full and immediate questions from the Business Valuer replacement based on the facts they know. 
o Valuer of Business replacements can only receive an assignment when the communication is evaluated. 
o Valuer and Evaluation of Enterprise Business successor to maintain the confidentiality of the information required has been obtained to one another. 
o Evaluation of Business mandatory replacement plan and implement the re-valuation in accordance with the valuation procedures. Business evaluator replacement is not responsible for the employment precursor Business Evaluation and does not publish a report that reflects the division of responsibility.