The plantation properties valuation

Valuer (Evaluator) in assessing the plantation required to obtain an adequate understanding of prohibited and considered an important stage with one that ignores the other phases, over the stages as follows: 
 Pre-Planting, include: Land Clearing; erection; Making of the planting hole; planting of trees protectors (if any); and Discussions. 
 Crops Not Generate (TBM) include: Planting; addition (if any); and maintenance
 Time Plants Generate (TM) include: The CE (the productive); and Harvest. 
 Processing and Marketing Results, include: processing; Packaging, and Delivery. 
Assessors in their assessment procedures required to obtain the property estate of adequate understanding and prohibited the important stages that one ignore the stage with the other, on the stages as follows: 
 Undertake a review of the assignment, which, among other obliged to consider the following: Identification of Objects Rating; Identification status or rights; Date Rating; objective assessment, and limits or the type of value. 
 Conducting assessments and inspection plans preliminary mandatory consider the following matters: the amount of data required; data source; Needs Manpower; work plan and laws that apply in the field of forestry. 
 perform data collection and analysis of data, including: 
o Data General, among others: location, which includes the area, accessibility and social and economic analysis, which includes the market, economic development, and development direction. 
o Special Data, among others: Objects, which includes the assessment of legality; potential; JPT; silvicultural techniques; seeds; Etat; recycling; riap; and the remaining concession and the laws that apply. 
o Conducting analysis of usage with the highest and best meet the conditions 
o Implementing the approach and method of assessment; 
o Establishing the value of reconciliation and 
o Provide value conclusion. 
Objects in the assessment of plantation property assessment, among others: 
 Asset Crops, including plant and the plant has not been produced; seeds and plants 
 Asset Non plants, including facilities and infrastructure (buildings, roads, heavy equipment, motor vehicles, and others). 
The approach must be used to assess property estate is as follows: 
1) The cost approach and market comparison data used for assessment of land which is the property of the operational assessment and Support Facility; 
2) The cost approach is used for the Crop Assessment Rating Not Generate and plantation land; 
3) an approach to market data for assessment of plantation land can only be used if the comparison of data obtained similar and comparable with the object assessment; 
4) The income approach is used to Generate Crop Assessment is a method of discounted cash flow); 
5) In the case of using the income approach, Value Crops Generate obtained through the compulsory extraction techniques, by reducing the value of estates with a value of the land, the value of assets such as non-plant building, infrastructure, vehicles and heavy equipment, machinery and other equipment; and 
The cost can be included in the rate Plants Generate yet (TBM), include: 
 Land Clearing; erection; Making of the planting hole; planting of trees protectors (if any); Discussions; Planting; 
 addition (if any); Maintenance TBM; Support Facilities include, among other office buildings and housing; Infrastructure roads and bridges; machinery and equipment; Tool and heavy vehicles; Inventory office; and Processing Unit (Factory). 
 The cost can be included in the rate of asset Land Plantation, covers the costs that issued the license to manage the obtaining Hak Guna Usaha (HGU), namely, among others: Cost of land acquisition and administration costs and the procurement of land, which includes, among others: HGU registration fee; cost measurement; cost of the committee; cost analysis, land use; the cost of making EIA; recoup the cost of crops (GRTT) (if any); and other costs are paid. 
In the case of using the cost approach, the calculation unit cost plants per hectare and the standard of maintenance of the plants per hectare in the plant has not been Rating (TBM), among others: 
 The estimated cost of all issued in accordance with standard business multiplied by the plantation area of trees and made adjustment or depreciated with the real conditions in the field, in accordance with the results of the technical assessment of the plant; and 
 adjustment (adjustment) or shortening the real condition may be caused by, among others: Level and the weight of plant populations; weight of plant diversity; level treatment plant; weight and quality of plants.
 Procedure must be done in using the method Cash Flow discount rate in the plantation, at least, include: calculate the net annual income from production plants; estimation design and operational costs (Operating Cost) from variable costs, fixed costs and the burden of the cost of reserves replacement assets; calculate the net annual income, derived from the difference between gross income with the cost of operations; discounted and annual net income during the period or the period of operation of productive plants.