Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers Melbourne 2012

The Organizing Committee for the 26th Pan Pacific Congress has recently approved an exciting new registration type specifically designed for the Member Associations of the Pan Pacific Congress. This new registration type has been created to recognize the costs of international travel and provide a discount for Member Associations who send a group of 25 or more full time registrations to the Congress.

The Pan Pacific Congress provides the opportunity for members of over 15 overseas professional associations from around the region to come together to exchange information, network and provide an insight into the culture and Real Estate market of the host Country. In 2012, the Pan Pacific Congress returns to Australia and is being held in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Attendees are expected from locations around the globe including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States of America, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia to name a few. The 2012 Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers, valuers and counsellors is a unique opportunity to join with property professionals from around the Pacific region for a diverse four day program of educational and social events in one of the world’s most livable cities

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